Choose Me

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About the author

Nicole Skillen

Retail store manager by day, writer by night. Nicole Spencer-Skillen is the author of the new romance novel Choose Me. 

Nicole is 27 years old and resides in Rotherham, England. She has spent the last decade recreationally writing LGBT novels. When she isn’t writing you will find her travelling the world with her Wife, keeping fit or relaxing at home with her two dogs. 

Nicole believes her writing to be real, honest and modern. Her main aim is to appeal to an audience that is looking for inspiration, an audience that wants to see themselves in a book and be able to resonate with the characters and the realness of them.

Fun facts about Nicole, if she could live anywhere it would be New York City, USA. Her favourite book is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks of which she proudly owns a first edition. Her favourite sport is Basketball and she has one quote to live by,

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

If you want to get to know her more, follow her on Instagram @nss_writings.