It All Makes Perfect Sense, Now

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Paul Demo

.On Television, when things are difficult to watch or accept, we can suspend our disbelief because we know that it takes a team, usually, to dream-up those crazy stories, full of characters that do, sometimes, “shameless” activities.

Real life is not as forgiving. But it can be. And it starts with forgiving ourselves.

I watch my son act on television. Behind the scenes, everything is fine but the  His television family, the other characters on the show,

I stand by and watch as my son, under the delinquent spell of a Galliger, on the set of Showtime’s show, “Shameless”, as he hacks down some trees in front of a police station. This doesn’t bother me because it is scripted for television.

my childhood; it wasn’t scripted like this but it was predictable and episodic.
I only wish I could have grown up with such support from siblings, but real life does not forgive like Hollywood.

There is a balance in life. A balance of Good and Evil. But I say, Be Unbalanced. Be more Good, less evil. Be so full of good that you tip over, causing an avalanche of wonderful opportunities, attributes, lessons learned, that you can pick up as you roll through this life, snowballing into a giant, giving, ball of humanity.