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About the author

Leah Atwood

USA Today Bestselling Author Leah Atwood is a small-town girl at heart and currently lives in a rural town in the deep South, though Maryland will always be home. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in International Business but gave up a career in sales and marketing to follow love, a decision she's never regretted.

From the old west to Cajun country, Leah infuses true-to-life characters with small-town charm to invite her readers into a world where faith and love will always prevail. In both her historical and contemporary works, she believes in delivering inspirational stories that will leave her readers with a smile.

When not writing, she's busy raising two kids and corralling three dogs (an eighty-four-pound shepherd/lab mix and an eleven-pound rat terrier/jack russell mix, and a recently added pit bull puppy she found left for dead on the road), or participating in a myriad of community and church events.