Handmaid's Husband

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About the author

R. L. Saunders

R. L. Saunders has been writing satire and parodies for years, and has several books to his credit. Self-publishing has made this all possible.

Having an overactive imagination and a sharp wit didn't earn R. L. Saunders many friends in school. They didn't believe him when he made fun of them. Because he believes there isn't a blindly held "truth" that doesn't deserve to be skewered.  

​​​​​​​When he found self-publishing, it was like spoon-feeding sugar to a crack addict. Well, some mixed metaphor anyway. 

Recently, he's been branching into original fiction short stories. Expect more from him in the near future. Come along for the ride. And find all his many books that are often misunderstood and suppressed...