Where are my Horns?

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About the author

Charlene Uys

I am a wife and mommy of two very busy boys, and also have a full-time job. I am hard at work to write and publish the stories I have been telling my kids since they were babies.

We live in sunny South Africa next door to the Kruger National Park and go there often, which inspired Bush Tails.

I aim to create awareness for conservation. Our beloved elephants, rhino and pangolins are my biggest passion. These animals are senselessly killed for so-called medicinal properties they don’t even have. I am also vehemently opposed to caging and taming any wild animal. Knowledge is power, and I hope to impart knowledge to every person that reads my books.

I love story telling, and combining it with my passion gives me so much pleasure. Even though my eldest is ten years old, he and his younger brother still love to listen to my stories.

I hope you enjoy the Bush Tails, but most of all that you find it educational and will share in my passion for conservation.