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About the author

Erin Smilkstein

Erin Smilkstein is a reformed educational therapist turned video marketing and online lead generation expert. From Facebook ads to ridiculous online video campaigns, she has the most fun sharing new strategies with people and helping them succeed.

Her company,, helps small businesses do big things online. She loves making videos, doing webinars and teaching people how to be successful online with self-marketing.

Aside from online video marketing, Erin loves combining creative “right-brain” thinking with technology and has been known to think way outside the box when finding solutions to problems. One of her hobbies is working with children with learning differences who struggle with math. She developed Smartiply, a musical multiplication program, and has had numerous speaking engagements at homeschool conventions and learning conferences.

Erin lives with her 5-year-old twins, Marley Rose and Jakob Happy, with their strange cat, Princess and two fish, Tree Branch and Baby Maui. She wishes internet was available on horseback and spends as much time outside as possible, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the mountain air.