The Broken King

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About the author

Con Coleman

I'm Con Coleman and I write fantasy fiction.

I used to be an historian, specialising in Scottish and European History but gave that up to get a normal job and to write fiction in my spare time. That said, I never really left history behind as my interest in the past runs through my writing, shaping the world I've built, influencing the characters and the ideas.

Still, my stories are not weighed down by tons of detail. I want them to be adventures, not history lessons dressed up as fantasy.

I also love the outdoors, the wilder the better. I live in Glasgow, Scotland, so it's not too far to the mountains, lochs and woods that make my home so beautiful. I'm never happier than when I'm walking through some Highland glen or an Orcadian beach, taking in the splendour and thinking of story ideas. This is one of the reasons why Will, the narrator of my stories, is a wanderer.  Landscape is a big influence on what I write and I hope that comes across, that you feel the rain on your face, or the cold wind biting, hear the wind rushing through the trees or see the dipping sun light up the sky.

And, like you, I love books. I read a lot, particularly well-crafted fiction, engaging history, and books about nature and travel. I like books that take you to another world or that shed a new light on familiar places.