A Noble Destiny

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About the author

Elizabeth Sunflower

Elizabeth Sunflower's biography is a chronicle of a life led by the unseen hand of the metaphysical. From an early age, guided by spirit guides and endowed with an innate sense of morality, Elizabeth has navigated her life's challenges with a resilience born of spiritual belief. Her diverse career path, from IT support to the earthy realities of construction, and even her time in mining, are mere backdrops to her true calling as a seeker and practitioner of the mystical arts. Battling through the aftermath of Long Haul Covid, her move to South Dakota marked a new chapter in her spiritual odyssey. Here, among the tranquility of nature and the company of her fur babies, Elizabeth's life is devoted to deeper metaphysical exploration, healing, and the embracing of her extraordinary gifts. Her journey, marked by the wisdom of her spirit guides, continues to unfold in her writing and her commitment to living a life that transcends the physical.​​​​​​​