Rewritten: A Werewolf Story

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Linae Maston

Hi, I'm Linae. I'm from a small town in NY. I was never a very sociable person growing up and didn't have many friends. Had a hard time in school and ultimately dropped out in 11th grade. But, I went back and got my GED and graduated college with a degree. I wasn't sure where life was taking me then, I just hoped for a brighter future. Looking back now, if I was told 6 years ago that I'd have the life I do today, I'd probably tell you you're lying. In all honesty, I've never imagined having the life I have today. It's amazing and wonderful, a little hectic at times but I wouldn't want it to be ordinary. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have amazing kids that I get to watch grow and conquer the world. Oh, and we live next to a farm, so I get to help with the animals. Everyone who knows me, know I love animals. For those who don't, well, best friend isn't human, she is a cow who I named Buddy Girl, I've had the privilege of watching her grow right along side the kids. When I'm home alone, I like to read, write, draw, and color. It's been a childhood dream of writing a book. I use to write little poems and blurbs when I was younger. Little did I know, years later I would pick writing back up. It all started with bits and pieces coming into mind. I started typing them out on my computer so i wouldn't be consumed by it. Even after writing it all down, it's all I could think about. So I figured, hey why not make something of it. I decided to make it a book. It may not be perfect, but it's mine! I hope you choose to give it a chance.