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About the author

Ken Welburn

Dr. Welburn is the Clinical Director of the Ottawa Anxiety & Trauma Clinic.

He is one of the pioneers of trauma treatment in Canada. He was involved in developing and teaching the first Canadian Psychiatric Association's trauma-related courses, both in PTSD and in Dissociative Disorders, in the early 1990s.

Dr. Welburn has practised and taught cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnosis, ego-state therapy and other trauma-related treatments over three decades.

In 2015, he developed an innovative trauma treatment: Juggling-Exposure Therapy (JET), a neuro-behavioral therapy using juggling to stimulate neuroplasticity changes in order to reduce the over-activity (hyper-vigilance) of the brain’s threat- detection circuitry that results from trauma.

He has lectured internationally on topics such as: trauma treatments; compassion fatigue; hypnosis; performance training in anxiety treatment; trauma and return to work; empathy, imagery and PTSD; police crisis work and trauma; PTSD in the military; PTSD and First Responders; integrating EMDR and ego-state therapy in the treatment of dissociation; and childhood trauma in the history of patients in emergency psychiatry.

Dr. Welbum now resides in Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario. Together with his wife, he writes, records and performs original music. One of the songs on their first album A Cry From the Stones was written for therapy clients who have experienced trauma. One Sure Thing was written in acknowledgement of the courage and persistence it takes to engage in the difficult healing journey following traumatic experiences.

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