Murder Most Evil

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Lee Hobart

In a long business career I experienced both success and failure…plenty of the latter!

I did get to see much of the world which was great because I love to travel. My wife and I lived for a time in Los Angeles and then Melbourne, Australia, it was a wonderful experience. Now our home is in a lovely small town in Wales.

At an early age I became an avid reader and, perhaps as a result, I used to enjoy writing school essays. Later while pursuing my business career I penned thousands of words, business letters, promotional material and so on. Of all the things I’ve done nothing has given me more pleasure than writing novels.

People tell me they enjoy my books and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. To be able to bring a little pleasure to someone is very gratifying. To those who say they don’t like my writing I make a promise…I’ll try harder next time.

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