Beat ADD & ADHD: Treating ADD And ADHD In Adults

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About the author

Jason Newman

Jason Newman is more than familiar with this topic as he was diagnosed with ADD in his adult life. It was not until he was diagnosed that he and his family understood why he had so many challenges in school and now had a challenge keeping the most basic job for more than a few weeks.

After getting the right set of medications to keep the symptoms he was able to complete his high school diploma and finally get admitted into a college. He is aware however that is he stops taking the medication he will back to square one with all the challenges that come with the disease.

As such he diced to write the book for others that are having the same problem that he is and to outline what he went through and how they can find out if this is the problem that they have.

The appropriate definitions are given along with the symptoms that can indicate that someone is suffering from ADD or ADHD. It has become clear over the last few years that this problem is a bit more prevalent than it appears to be as many remain undiagnosed and are not able to function properly as a result.