The Naked Detective

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guy veryzer

   Guy Veryzer is an author, actor and audiobook narrator of numerous audiobooks.

   Ghosts, the paranormal & gay romance are themes in many of his books, poetry & plays including; The Series: The Book & Page-Nottinghill Lane Mysteries, Gay First Love Stories, The Gay Prince Charming's

   Also: The Ghosts of Grand Central Stories, The Other Prince Charming, Another Other Prince Charming,The Paris Room and other Poems


Despite his dyslexia and years of severe anti gay bullying at school…Guy persevered in both his art and writing.

    His first book of poetry, published by Naked Angel Press, caused an uproar in the office of the Michigan Counsel for the Arts, even the Governors office received letters about arts grant money going to fund; A songbook for whore’s…(*an interesting idea, but not what the book was)

   Moving on to New York, Guy became  regular contributing artist to lauded literary magazine Christopher Street Magazine - which brought new works from Gay Literary Lions: Edmond White, Andrew Holleran, His illustrations for their literary works, led him be requested to create art for the original cover the classic; Nocturnes for the King of Naples

   Guy’s poetry, collage illustrations and even cartoons were all published in this cornerstone of Gay literature.