Overcoming Depression on Your own : A Step-By-Step Approach to Overcoming Difficult Times, Anxiety, Depression, and Negative Thoughts - the Devil's Method -

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James Castro

James Castro, who is a young therapist with empathy for those suffering from depression, anxiety, fear, addictions, etc. — have had these problems for most of his life and knows firsthand the damage they can cause. Having been dealing with depression since his late teenage years, James took it upon himself to look for better ways to handle this state of mind. And this brought him to the Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) method. In making use of the Cognitive Behavior therapy method, he noticed some profound positive changes in his life. He later came to understand that his lack of knowledge may have cost him a lot. Ever since he found a solution to his depression, he’s been reaching out to people like him to share his findings. He also gives them the help they need. James has gone for various conferences, seminars, church events, and other religious events, etc. to create awareness of these life problems. And with an assurance that there is a way out of them.

After years of research and education plus the burning desire to help those in need of these solutions, James decided to put into writing all his personal experiences and knowledge. So he would be able to reach out to millions of people out there who are yet to find a solution to these problems.