A Manual of Demonic Rites

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About the author

Baron Araignee

We are Rheiner and Vanessa Le Roux, also known as “Baron and Baronessa Araignee”. (Personally, we find pseudonyms ridiculous however it seems to achieve its goal) We are the owners of Araignee Arcane Services, The Arcane Press as well as authors on the subject of Spiritual Ascension and the Metaphysical. Under Araignee Arcane Services, we offer our clients a wide range of specialised Occult services, from Spiritual Counselling, Consultations, Evocations, Divinations, Astrology, a few of our published books and a whole range of metaphysical services and products.

Our personal practice is known as “Hexagrammaton” under which we published a book with the same title: The Hexagrammaton. Our path is not a road which many can and will follow as it takes a tremendous amount of dedication to see through. The path of the Hexagrammaton is one which is balanced yet centres around the hidden nature or “Aleph” of every individual: the seat of god.

Our personal path is not influenced by any other paradigms or people but is formulated from experience and practically applied from what we found as undeniable evidence hidden in various places.
Even though we have studied and practiced many lessor variants of the Occult, such as Alchemy, Witchcraft, Ceremonial High Magick, Grand Necromancy and others, we can profess that the greatest of Great Work lies hidden within each individual, and not outside of humanity. Unfortunately, through numerous misconceptions, misinformation and so forth, the world of the Metaphysical has become no better than religious institutions which are founded by individuals who twist the Truth to suit their own deluded needs. With this being said, we are not Religious individuals, nor do we attribute demons and goblins to everything which goes bump in the night!

We are Stoic individuals with lucid reasoning, thus cannot be convinced of the existence of anything if there is not undeniable evidence to support its existence. In other words: We are not theorists…