Topical Steroid Side Effects: Beyond Eczema and Psoriasis - Understanding Topical Steroid Addiction and Withdrawal

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Suhein Beck

​A Circassian/Syrian Refugee with a knack for attracting wild FBI stories has settled down into a normal life of being an Entrepreneur/Author/Speaker in the Land of Opportunity. After launching her grandfather's medicinal formula into a worldwide brand named ELAJ, she found that sharing her experiences was far too fun to pass up.  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​She is passionate about health, wealth, happiness, and shawerma sandwiches! Her lifelong fascination of balancing life and culture between the East and West has sparked a whole new chapter in her life. Watch her on her own Youtube channel to see how she bridges that vast divide of cultures, the refugee experience and making something epic out of nothing.