The Promise of the Tea-Gods

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About the author

H. K. O'Hara

H. K. O'Hara, a.k.a. Heather K. O’Hara, is an award-winning poet, novelist and metaphysical author who inspires us to look beyond the ordinary and find the extraordinary. Focusing on our divine humanness, self-love, inner-peace, kindness and world friendship, she has authored numerous volumes of original poetry, inspirational articles and self-empowerment books. In 2019 she stopped publishing under her full name, Heather K. O’Hara, choosing to publish all current and future works using the shortened version of her name, H. K. O’Hara.

In May 2019 she released her first novel, The Promise of the Tea-Gods—inspired by a true event in her life. (Yes, she really did send a well-known South Korean Ballad Singer a birthday card on a popular social network—and, yes, he really did delete her from his friends list right after receiving it.) But, ever the finder of something-good, she chose to let it inspire her and transformed the click of a delete button into a 753-page novel!

"In this world—where nothing is as it seems— when something is deleted, something else is always activated. So, the only question is: What might that something be?" —H. K. O’Hara

Currently working on the sequel to The Promise of the Tea-Gods, she is taking all the main characters (K, Soo-kang, Binnie, Temma and The Four) onwards and upwards as they continue becoming more. And, one beautiful step at a time, they will all walk together again in Book 2: The Song of the Tea-Gods.

Inspired by both the seen and the unseen; a lover of dawn and other poetic moments, H. K. O'Hara dances with life, letting it take her wherever life takes us when we show up for the sunrise, breathe it in, and let it remind us of who we really are.