Change for your Growly Dog!: Book 2 Action steps to build confidence in your fearful, aggressive, or reactive dog

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Beverley Courtney

I’ve been training dogs for many years. First for competitive dog sports and over time to be stellar family pets. For most of my life, I’ve lived with up to four dogs, so I’m well used to getting a multi-dog household to run smoothly. It soon became clear that a force-free approach was by far the most successful, effective, and rewarding for me and the dogs. I’ve done the necessary studying for my various qualifications - for rehab of anxious and fearful “aggressive” dogs, early puppy development, and learning theory and its practical applications. I am continually studying and learning this endlessly amazing subject!
Continuing the dog obsession, I also draw portraits to commission - see, and I write novels and cozy mysteries involving dogs - have a look at
There are some superb teachers and advocates of force-free dog training, and you’ll find those I am particularly indebted to in the Appreciation Section. Some of the methods I show you are well-known in the force- free dog training community, while many have my own particular twist.
A lot of my learning has come through my Puppy Classes, Puppy Walks, and Growly Dog Courses - first at Good for Dogs! in rural Worcestershire, and now at Brilliant Family Dog. These dog-owners are not looking for competition-standard training; they just want a Brilliant Family Dog they can take anywhere. It’s a particular joy for me to see a Growly Dog who arrived at the first session a reactive bundle of nerves and fear, who ends up able to cope with almost anything the world chucks his way - becoming a relaxed and happy dog with a confident owner in the process.
Working with real dogs and their real owners keeps me humble - and resourceful! It’s no good being brilliant at training dogs if you can’t convey this enthusiasm and knowledge to the person the dog has to live with. So I’m grateful for everything my students have taught me about how they learn best.
Beverley Courtney BA(Hons) CPC ELI-MP CBATI-KSA CAP2 MAPDT(UK) ABTC Registered Animal Trainer