The Lockdown Diary Blues

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About the author

Simon Northouse

Simon Northouse has been many things: bricklayer, croupier, publisher, magazine editor, magazine writer, recording studio owner, sales rep, musician, rock star (not), delivery driver, draftsman, technical writer, window cleaner and now author.

He has spent the last decade working for a multinational company doing incredibly tedious things. However,  he has won the company's
"Most Proactively Disenfranchised Employee of the Year" award for ten years on the trot, an achievement that he prides himself on, as the competition is damn stiff.

He began fiction writing a number of years ago and found he was rather good at it—although, that is open to debate.

He initially threw himself into writing literary classics, which was quite unusual, as he'd never thrown himself into anything before. However, he soon realised he was never going to be the next Harper Lee, or even Bruce Lee for that matter, so concentrated his efforts on producing mildly amusing commercial fiction.

He currently lives somewhere with someone and does some things he should not do and some things he should do—but not as often as he'd like.