Dragon Warrior 2 - "'tween Thorn and Oak"

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About the author

Tim Pearsall

Tim Pearsall was born in England and grew up in the industrial West Midlands known as 'the black country'. As a young man he moved to London where he began to write fiction as a hobby. The hobby was largely shelved for several years when he married and had children. He now lives in Norwich, England, and works in local government. Now that his children are grown up and he is widowed, he is able to spend more time writing, he has updated and renamed his Domina Mortis books and released Evelina as the first in a new series. 
He describes Evelina as a "dirty and very Stabby supernatural soap heroine".
He describes himself from the Desiderata poem as an off-the-peg person 'going placidly amid the noise and haste'. A thoughtfully restrained maniac.