Every Road Has A Bend

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R. Ashley

Gary Bannister(R Ashley)was born in Leicester,United Kingdom, where he still lives with his wife,children and 2 grandchildren. He is a normal family man who loves family life. Gary has not had an easy life and has had so much tragedy surrounding his family. His first book "every road has a bend" tells the true and emotional story about his youngest son, who from a very early age had to go through "risky" spinal surgery. Over the next six years his son would need ten spinal operations as the surgeons were finding it very difficult to correct his spine which was severely deformed. Gary has five children two of which are disabled. His other disabled son has "cerebral palsy" due to him arriving three months early. Gary and his wife had to deliver him themselves at home. They have a very strong relationship and have been together for 30 years. So much tragedy has surrounded this family that it is a credit to them that they have stayed strong and helped each other through these very hard times. Over there 30 years together this family have lost parents due to "cancer", friends stabbed and shot dead, young nephews losing their lives in an explosion, and losing a family member due to a "stroke"
The stress on this family has been immense yet they still stay strong and keep helping each other, wiping each others tears. Gary kept an accurate day to day account of his sons operations and the time he spent in hospital. This is a true and very emotional story told in his own words from (just like most of us) a normal family man, who loves his family dearly.
In July 2016 Gary woke up one day to take his Grandchildren on holiday but just before they were about to go Gary suffered a heart attack. He spent four days in hospital and had 3 "stents" fitted, Luckily he survived. While recovering he wrote another book for his Grandchildren which he has now published, it is called "Rey the royal rabbit"