Breaking Booze, Going Ganja! The True Story of a Lifelong Alcoholic Cured by Cannabis

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Frank Burroughs

I'm a recovering alcoholic who firmly believes that cannabis saved my life. I drank to the extreme for thirty years which caused numerous health problems, obesity, as well as severe nerve damage. I tried any and every method possible to quit drinking over the years, including "cutting back", drinking only on the weekends, drinking only beer instead of liquor and drinking only on special occasions. After literally hundreds of attempts to end my addiction to alcohol and regain control of my life, the ONLY thing that has worked for me has been using cannabis.

I wrote "Breaking Booze, Going Ganja!" to share my story with others who are struggling with alcohol addiction and looking for alternative options. Alcohol nearly killed me and if my story and this book can save the life of even one person from dying of alcoholism, I will have served a purpose I can be proud of. May this book also contribute, even in the slightest degree, to the global legalization of cannabis and offer hope for many desperate souls.

Keep one rolled!