Hair On Fire in the 50s & 60s

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About the author

P.T. "Doc" Carney

P.T. "Doc" Carney has entered the Golden Age of Retirement and is finally able to realize his dream of writing and publishing novels that he has envisioned for many years.

He is a retired USAF pilot, who entered cadet training at the end of the Korean War and then flew with the Mississippi Air Guard for many years as a pilot and then as flight surgeon after receiving his medical license.

He grew up in Rural Mississippi and as a child with ADHD was misunderstood for most of his childhood, as there was no diagnosis for ADHD at that time.  He later specialized in child psychiatry to address some of these issues.

But he writes about the 1930s through the 1960s as the Golden Era in America and is very proud of his experiences throughout that time.

He offers here an overall view of those early days through the eyes of one Joe Ruff.