Adventures on Terra - Book 2: Escape

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R.A. Mejia

I'm R.A. Mejia, and I'm an author apparently. I write in a genre called LitRPG. It combines video game and table top RPG mechanics with fictional writing. I fell in love with the genre a while ago and started to consume every book in the genre. I loved the genre so much that I wrote my own story. If you read my stories and love it, then I'm happy. If you don't love it, I'll recommend some other LitRPG for you to read that you might love. If you've ever dreamt about living one of your favorite video games or wondered what stories could be told from a gamer perspective, then the LitRPG genre is for you.

The latest updates on future novels are going to be found on my facebook page.

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I also have a podcast dedicated to the genre.

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