Viaje Perdido: Sombras del Vacío y el Último Viaje de los Perdidos

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About the author

Wesley Wang

Wesley Wang is a fantasy epic and sci-fi writer based in the neon-lit streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. Known for weaving complex narratives that mirror the paradoxes of Sin City itself, he excels at crafting stories where high stakes, moral ambiguity, and the human condition collide against a backdrop of fantastical and futuristic settings. His characters often grapple with power, redemption, and survival, reflecting the harsh, glittering realities of the world around them. Wesley draws inspiration from the ever-changing face of Las Vegas, using its allure and notorious reputation as fertile ground for dramatic, thought-provoking tales. Beyond writing, he is an avid participant in the vibrant local arts scene, continually connecting with other creatives who provide the sparks for his next big story.