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The most significant and longest-lasting inheritance you can gift your child as a parent is a proper Islamic upbringing and knowledge of Islam. As a parent, you must teach your children about Allah (God), the Holy Quran, the religion and lifestyle of Islam, and about Prophet Muhammad; peace be upon him. Every parent must instill an interest and love for Islam in their children at an early age, so they are raised with an Islamic mindset and lifestyle. Every household should set time aside each day to develop and grow their child's connection with Allah and nourish their souls. Just like our physical bodies need food and water to grow and be nourished, we need the Guidance of Allah and the recitation of the Holy Quran to enrich, nourish and give life to our souls.

The Sincere Seeker Kids Collection is designed to introduce and teach your children the essentials they need to know about Allah (God), the Holy Quran, Islam, Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, Hadith for kids, the Five Pillars of Islam, the six articles of faith in Islam, and more in an easy, fun and educational way. The love of Allah is already instilled in our children's hearts, and it is our duty as parents to help develop, nurture and sustain that love and bond at an early age. A fun way to introduce these concepts to your children is by reading to them and encouraging them to read. Nothing beats sitting with your children and bonding with them with beneficial and interesting concepts of Islam and the Holy Quran. Every page in each book of the collection introduces a topic with delightful, colorful illustrations to help your children understand and appreciate each component of Islam.