Camp Despair

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R.P. Reece

Peace everyone,
I am R.P. Reece and you are now on my author page. I write Dystopian novels with diversity.
What makes my stories different is that it features characters that come from different social, economic and cultural background and thrust them into a place that is undesirable. 
My Identification series starts with the novel, Rainier's Republic, to summarize the story; its about a researcher who finds out that a billionaire wants to inject all the citizens of Washington state with Universal Identity Chips (RFID for reference). The main character makes an announcement of his findings, it causes an uproar and he is forced into hiding. While what he warned would happen, takes place.
You can find Rainier's Republic, on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Scribd, Barnes and Noble and many other print and E-book platforms.
Thank you for visiting my page, hope you stay.