The Art of Entrepreneurship

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Ricardo Bica

I was in a cookery course, sadly was not what I expected. But with my mindset I could learn the things I needed like self-discipline, respect, leadership, economy, marketing and management. There was another classes of programmers. I discovered that my passion was technology, psycology and management. I bought three books "My personal MBA",  "Think and Grow Rich", "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", "Laws of Human Nature" and "The inteligent investor", I started learning much as possible. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to change the world and create an High Technology Company, called Titan Innovation three months ago. Right now I am leading two teams on two projects, one team of four people and other of three people. I have an instagram page where I teach what I know and I am creating a Marketing Course and a Business Mangement Course. The business plan of Titan Innovation is almost completed and my team are very excited with this project. Like many entrepreneurs noone believed me, I was a lone wolf. I was in hell, sometimes I thought, why am I doing this, later a remembered said to myself: "I am in hell, why would I stop in hell? Just keep going!" And I kept going, now I am inspiring other people and giving  them an opportunity to their life.