Success in Exam! How to Prepare For Exams Effectively?

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K.H. Lim is an inspirational speaker, chartered accountant, accredited tax professionals and certified trainer with training, teaching, coaching and mentoring experience especially for children, teenagers and youths. He has taken about three hundred times schools, vocational and professional exams in past thirty-five years. He has a study system and formulae for his exams. He has conducted inspirational workshops and talks to children, teenagers and youths. He has helped them to open their eyes in this world and prepared them to take government exams in past few years. He has shared his personal and real exam experience with his audiences. He wants his audiences learn from their mistake and stand up again to face their future challenges bravely in their lives.  Finally, He has decided to write these books to share his stories with more children, teenagers and youths. He hopes these study formulae and strategies could help those, who wish to make a change in their destiny especially for those coming from poor families. He also wishes to inspire more people to think positively and move on for better future in their lives.