The Mediterranean Diet For Beginners: Start Your Ideal 7-Day Mediterranean Diet Plan To Lose Weight and Live An Healthy Lifestyle

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About the author

Andrew H. Williams

Alexander Yamashita rooted in Japanese culture with inherited traits of his American father. 

He studied psychology to understand the thought process and human behavior in different circumstances and studying human activities and spiritual healing led him to write his master pieces work that he published later, revealing his secrets about how one can live a stress free life through zen, mindfulness meditation and buddhism. He believes that every mental illness and condition can be healed by spiritual healing, but the effectiveness varies from people to people. Alexander also is firm believer in Karma and deeds. The effectiveness of his published works is directly linked with the mental outlook of the reader. 

His work has given new dimensions to spiritual energy and its healing power appreciated at different forums from Japan to America. Spreading awareness about the Spiritual energy has now become a routine for his life. 

Alexander thank God every day for his wonderful wife, amazing kids and the incredible opportunities that falls under his way. 

He is still restless and in pursue of more and more, helping and inspiring people to create changes within their life.