The Kingdom of Folklore: Another Visit

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Johnny G. Douglas

Terry A. Parker (aka Johnny G. Douuglas) grew up in and around Center, Tx. He has been writing stories and screenplays for well over 25 years. Bojoe and Sally, his cartoon, ran for over a year. In his late 50's now, he resides in Timpson, Tx where he still writes and plots other childrens, and horror, stories. Among his credits are: 'The Kingdom of Folklore' (Books 1-4), 'Invasion of the Killer Tapeworms', and his cartoons that include 'Bojoe and Sally'.
His plans for the near future are to finish two sequeals to his 'Folklore' novels: 'The Legend of Folklore' and 'The Myth of Folklore'. He also plans two sequeals for the 'Tapeworms' books in the 19th or 20th year of 2000. 

Currently, Part 1 of 'The Legend of Folklore -- The Garden' has been published with sales reaching the shores of Great Britain...Part 2 was published last Halloween and will have seven more following. Each Part ends with a cliff hanger, so readers will just die to see what transpires next within the kingdom.