Mistakes Unmarried Ladies Make That Keep Them Single...Why You're Not Married And How To Get Married On Your Own Terms

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About the author

Gabriel Onyekawa

Gabriel Onyekawa is an International author, speaker, mentor, trainer, Founder/President of Gabriel Onyekawa Mentorship Program (GOMP), Applesoft Business Institute (ABI), Applesoft Publishing House, and Gabriel Onyekawa Ministries International (GOMI).

        Through his super-dynamic training seminars, one-on-one mentorship and business Institute, many of his protégés/clients/participants have become great entrepreneurs, living debt-free lives, making untold returns from their businesses and investments.

        Gabriel teaches and mentors with a passionate desire to see his protégés/clients become totally transformed in their Spiritual, family, and professional lives. He aims at raising captains of industries and marketplace global and unbeatable giants.

        In addition to Bible revelations, his seminars and other resource materials (Book, Blogs and Audio-visuals) offer step-by-step strategies on Business Development, Wealth Creation, Debt Cancellation, Team Building, Skills, Marriage and Parenting skills, Spiritual Equipping, Time Management and Leadership Development skills.

        He has personally trained and mentored protégés/clients from a wide range of professions and life.

        Gabriel’s passion is helping people break through barriers that stop them from experiencing true freedom (Spirit, Soul and Body).

        Gabriel Onyekawa is happily married to Glory N. Gabriel-Onyekawa. He has both biological and Spiritual children.