Travel Light in Macedonia - Hiking, cozy villages & crystal clear lakes

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Ylva Johansson

Ylva Johansson is working and living by “Less is more” so the name of her company is – not surprisingly – Why be Jammed. 

You can't avoid challenges, but you can use the smart 4-step model to handle them; understand, analyze, decide and implement. You can read more in “Leadership and wisdom - how to motivate yourself and others.” The basis of the model is her experience from being an international Manager and Management Consultant and studies in leadership, business processes, coaching, personal development, presentation, communication, etc.  
To travel to exotic places outside the highway is one of Ylva’s favorite hobbies. Her new series “Travel Light” will give you the tools you need to travel to the less familiar places with a packing small enough to carry and flexible enough to never having to turn down an adventure or a nice restaurant. Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.  

Ylva lives with her family in Stockholm, Sweden. You can get in touch with her at