How To Heal Your Weight

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Tamara Pitelen

Tamara Pitelen (1968-present) was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, to British immigrant parents seeking to escape the weather of northern England. She moved to Japan at the age of 22, which was the start of a 25-year stint moving to different cities, including London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Osaka, Dubai, and Bath.
Between the moving, she worked as a journalist and magazine editor. While living in Dubai, she started a publishing company and launched the Middle East's first spirituality and wellness magazine, called Awakenings Middle East. Tamara has published five books to date, the latest being 'How To Heal Your Weight - A 16-Step Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Fat Freedom', which is based on her own experience of wasting about 40 years following the stupid rules of the diet industry.
As well, she has written a Bill-Bryson-Meets-Bridget-Jones travel book called 'Spokes, Blokes and Blarney'; a look at modern relationships in 'Neanderthal Man Loves Tree Hugger'. Then 'The Year I Went Pear-Shaped', a chick-lit offering based on her years working on a glossy women's magazine in Australia. Finally, a title called 'Five Beliefs Keeping You Fat And How To Clear Them', which was a precursor to 'How To Heal Your Weight', that features EFT Tapping scripts for weight-loss.