Albert and the Runaway Train

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About the author

James Hywel

James Hywel has written over a dozen children’s books.

His stories remind us of that magical gift we all possessed as children - the gift of imagination.

Children have taken his characters into their hearts, while parents remember their own childhood as they become lost between the pages.

James sits somewhere between contemporary fiction and fantasy fiction. He blurs the line between reality and imagination beautifully, leaving the reader wondering where that line actually is.  

His books are aimed at children from seven years old and upwards, although they are also books that parents can pick up after the children have gone to bed and thoroughly become as lost in the pages as their children were. 

James has recently launched the 'Short Stories’ which are ideal for parents to read to their younger children at bedtime. 

All the books by this author are both funny and silly, meant to make readers laugh and giggle. 

His stories sometimes delve into important subjects such as climate change, species loss and pollution -  all issues that are becoming increasingly important to children. ​