Divided: Destroyer of Worlds

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Humphrey Quinn

The Fated Fantasy Adventure Complete 11 Book Series: 
​​​​Saviors or Destroyers?  Their arrival was prophesied long ago and it's only the entire magical world hunting them—to protect them, to use them, or to end them… but is the prophecy even real, or are they just pawns in someone else's game? 

​​​​​​​** If you love things like Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Neverending Story, Harry Potter, LOTR, The Time Machine, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, A Wrinkle in Time, Throne of Glass, or anything Ray Bradbury, this series was written for you. 
We Witches Three Series the Complete 14 Book Series:  
The Legacy of the Howard Witches: Protect the Power Source - Protect the Bloodline by Bringing New Witches into the World - Don't Expect to Live Long Enough to Meet Your Grandchildren... join the over a half-million plus and experience We Witches Three for yourself--urban fantasy romance for ages 14+ that pulls at your heartstrings and keeps you guessing until the final page... ​​​​​​​
** If you enjoy Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Dresden Files, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural... you'll fall in love with We Witches Three. It's part paranormal romance, part cozy mystery, part urban fantasy, and rated ages 14 and up.