Doilies, Tiaras and Blood

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About the author

Andrew Richey

Andrew Richey was born at the age of zero, which didn't actually set him apart much. A stork brought him to a place in Central West, New South Wales, placing him gently in a cabbage patch. During the next harvesting season, he was finally found and raised by passing gypsies, who amazingly taught him how to do long multiplication and division before he started school, much to the chagrin of his Kindergarten teacher, who promptly kicked him up to grade one.
Andrew was good at school till the boredom set in and was no good at study till he was 25.
He found that he liked writing and performing comedy at about the same time and he got to do this in a large Pentecostal Church. Yes, you read that correctly. Eventually, he left such things behind and now does crazy things like perform improv theatre, and write and perform short stories, comedy and poetry.
He has an honours degree in theology, though is not religious; and has various qualifications in disability, business, counselling and even shamanism!