I Run to You

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Jennifer Sivec

Women's Fiction and Fantasy author, Jennifer Sivec, has always found an escape in books and beautiful stories.

As a child, she was the girl who hid under her blankets with a flashlight reading late into the night and would rather read than do anything else. In reading and writing she has discovered refuge and sanctity her entire life, which quiets the chaos, while giving her perspective and peace of mind. She finds inspiration in the balance of beauty and tragedy, which is something she has experienced herself her entire life.  

Born in Seoul, Korea, and then abandoned at a very young age, she was adopted when she was three and has lived in Ohio for most of her life. She is married to her best friend, Jeff, and together they share two incredible, imaginative, and funny boys.

Jennifer is the author of the Eva Series and the standalone novel, I Run to You. The Eva Series is a haunting Women’s Fiction series with elements of Suspense, and is centered on Brynn, a woman who was abandoned as a child. It is an intense journey into the aftermath of abandonment, abuse, alcoholism, and cutting. There are numerous twists and turns to keep the reader holding their breath until the very end. Her Fantasy novel, The Forgotten, is the first book in the Lost Children Series, which explores a world where all of the children have been completely forgotten in a land that is put in jeopardy by the evil choice of one devious creature while they fight for survival and search for anything familiar.