A General Guide to Filling Your Garden With Plants & Wildlife on a Shoestring

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Andrew M Molloy

Andrew M Molloy came to Earth many moons ago. So, while pondering how to earn a few quid to get off this rock, he thought, “I Know, I will write a few books.” So, while he waits for the mothership to return and hopefully has enough to pay for his ticket home by then, he is passing the time giving you some incredible reads that he hopes will take your mind off things for a while. Andy has dabbled in many genres ranging from gardening to basically any fiction category that takes his fancy. He has a no limits approach to writing and as a self-publisher, has the freedom to choose what tickles his tentacles. Andy is of such grotesque features it would be unfair to show a profile picture because the aim is to sell books and not to scare potential readers. Like they say on his home planet, if you see a bat flying upside down, take an umbrella with you. Maybe on his next visit to Earth, Andy might dabble into…