Ketogenic Diet: Over 25 Simply Delicious Instant Pot Recipes

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Hi, I'm Lucy, the publisher of 'Ketogenic Diet: Over 25 Simply Delicious Instant Pot Recipes Great For Your Busy Schedule' and here's a little about me:

I'm an English teacher, book publisher, food connoisseur and run an online business with my mom. I currently live in Asia and have been learning Mandarin Chinese for over 10 years.

I come from a close family of four and grew up in a small town in California. I always dreamed of moving to a foreign country and exploring the world. I've been to over 12 different countries and love learning about different cultures. 

The purpose of the Ketogenic Instant Instant Pot book is to help foodies like myself enjoy home cooked healthy meals that can be prepared in half the time with no fuss involved. I hope this series of instant pot recipes will help make life a little easier and a little healthier for you.

For more recipes and upcoming projects follow me on Instagram: lucyclark1463.