Ripped at the Knee

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About the author

John Casey Iamb

John Casey Iamb is an ordinary guy.

His close friends lend him too much praise, and still expect nothing of him but to be himself.

He was born plain lucky to manage through life stumbling and undirected, has had the unexpected meet him with surprise astonishment and beauty, held close quarters with far more intelligent folks and overall has always been content to do simple things.

Balanced against this is his unrepressable responsibility of presenting words to the world best he can, and he hopes that readers understand the pain that writers often go through.

He was born out of wedlock and christened twice, Is undoubtedly the worst fisherman on the east coast, but can drive forever and will give anyone, literally, the shirt off his back.

All dogs love him despite his failings as a human being, and he hopes there is something in that.

Out of interest you might want to know he lived in his car during a cold but humane Indiana Winter, but despite that hardship, he thinks it was one of the best things that ever happened to him.

He has the best sister in the whole world.