On The Edge

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Parker Hudson

I like the power of good fiction to transform, because it engages the whole person--intellect, emotion, spirit.

Fiction based on real truth can change a life, because the reader becomes caught up in the characters and the events, and is forced to consider issues and outcomes that go beyond everyday experiences and the common wisdom.

My wife and I live in Atlanta with the joys and challenges of a large family. I've been researching and writing about faith, government and business for over twenty-five years, including three novels, an anthology of short stories, and eight years of blog posts.

After attending London School of Economics as a Marshall Scholar (1968-70), I served for three years as the Communications and Intelligence Officer on the USS Wainwright (CG-28), based in Charleston, S.C. Since then I've logged a lot of years in all aspects of commercial and investment real estate, in both the U.S. and Russia. Parenting, grandparenting, and writing are my passions.