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I am Al Boz, I write e-books about Geopolitics, DIY Electronic energy solutions, Art, Computer Graphics, 3d cg, SIFI Novellas, Children books,History, Travel, Health and cooking related books check my e-books. Make sure to watch my intro movie about area of interest for you and great stuff on my youtube channel

Al Boz (1966-2012)
Came to U.S.A. in 1989.
For many years he was climbing the ladders of corporate tech companies,
1994 Al started his own Tech consultant firm called Bit-smart, Personal computer just started to become available and Al sold hundreds of them in person in J&R Computer World.
Internet also just become civilian, Al was already familiar with Aprha net, Use net as well as B.B.S.s over the pots. Al was asked to Beta test A.O.L. and next thing you know Al got a job as the New York City manager of Erol's Internet, Nations 3rd ISP till RCN Telecom took over them, Al had to re-invent himself as Marketing / Sales Support person, Al was great at his job, after few promotions, Al was called Cable Modem evangelist, traveling shows, events, west cost, east cost, promoting the all new thing ' fiber optic Internet speed'
1997 Al was commissioned to write the RCN Field Support Manuals (with help from many) Al got promoted to be the Technical Instructor for New York City Market and started training field technicians to install cable modem and NICs on sub.'s Computers.
After training 300+ techs RCN filed chapter 11 and Al lost all his investments in year 2000. Al had to reinvent himself once again. Al went out there and trained himself via One-stop and attended many schools; Cathrine Gibbs, Xincon Collage, Blue Data, New Concept etc.

Al has 30+ Technical certifications in 11 subject matters and still learning, Al also taught in most of the schools he attended and he had the honer to be called; "Professor" by mostly Spanish speaking students.

Year 2000, After some more teaching Al started to work for Siemens, Morgan Stanley, Citicorp, Merrill Lynch, IBM Global Services and lastly I've gotten few more certifications and few more exams and now work for the Unified Court System as a consultant and writing e-books for Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others...