DR3AM: The Spiritual Pathway to Success

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Ashley Guillard

Ashley Guillard, a Chicago native, is an entrepreneur of a digital publishing company, Live in Fantasy Land, LLC., and the author of numerous books to include, DR3AM: The Spiritual Pathway to Success, DR3AM Journal, Business Strategy Journal: A Step by Step Guide to A Successful Business Plan & Strategy and her next release, I Wrote This While Sipping Tequila: Relax & Have A Sip. She is also a Combat Veteran of the United States Army, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and the mother of Lamar Guillard, Jr. As a purpose-driven millennial, Ashley is widely-known for her passion for encouraging people to pursue excellence and to become the person God has called them to be.

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DR3AM: The Spiritual Pathway to Success

Business Strategy Journal: A Step by Step Guide to A Successful Business Plan & Strategy