The Joychiever Journey: Evade Burnout, Surpass Your Goals and Out-Happy Everyone

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Tracy LaLonde

Tracy LaLonde is an entrepreneur, speaker, and business development coach with 28 years of experience in professional public speaking and 19 years in the legal industry. As founder of Xaphes, Tracy helps lawyers harness their authentic confidence to be phenomenal versions of themselves and build better relationships with their clients. Before starting her own company, Tracy was a partner at Akina, a global business-development training firm. She has also worked in professional development for three AmLaw 100 firms and in the high-tech consulting space, teaching computer programmers valuable consulting skills to boost their business.
At the peak of overachieving, Tracy claimed high-flying status on three airlines simultaneously and traveled 40 weeks per year, often visiting three cities within one week. She stayed at hotels for over one-third of the year and never put down her phone. Exhausted and conflicted, Tracy left her company to go on a Joy Journey. After tattooing “joy” on her wrist as a compass, she took eight months off to travel, recover, and reclaim her happiness. She founded Joychiever to help other overachievers discover their unique path, define their joy, and apply their ambition to achieve a balanced, happy life.
Tracy has a Masters of Education and a BS in Marketing from the University of Illinois. She is an incessant world traveler, avid exerciser, habitual fiction reader, and part-time foodie. A native of Chicago but sick of winter, Tracy currently lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, Robert. Learn more at