Sins of the Father: A Novel of the Lost Tribe

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Peter Ivey

I hail from the roaring shores of Lake Erie. I grew up in Port Dover Ontario, and have been many places, seen many things, and done deeds both marvelous and mysterious (I once crawled through a sewer pipe in the winter underneath a roadway in hopes that there actually were witches, trolls, wisps, or some form of unpleasant bogie there...I was disappointed, but not disheartened when I didn't find anything save for a really dead possum and several rats). I became a writer after teaching became a ghosttown in Ontario. I have found what I am supposed to do. I have written two novels of a novel series called "The Lost Tribe". I also have written two books of poetry. My wife is my inspiration and my rock in a sea of uncertainty. We also have a wonderful yet unapologetically clumsy dog called Charlie who amuses us to no end.