Nom de Plume: An Extraordinary Life—Vol 1

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Djuna Shellam

Djuna Shellam was raised on a homestead in the Outback of Australia. On her own since approximately the age of fourteen, Djuna Shellam has traveled the world, picking up interesting experiences along the way. She now resides in North Idaho—until the travel bug bites her once again. She currently has three novels published with Magnhild Press, and is working on the fourth, which is scheduled for publication sometime near the end of 2017, or the beginning of 2018.

[Please note: Djuna Shellam is a fictitious character, invented as a nom de plume for a writer who wishes to maintain whatever semblance of anonymity is possible in this intrusive Internet world in which we live. Rather than pick a name and leave it at that, the writer decided his or her pen name should be interesting, with a life and story of her own. Too often, lives of writers are mundane, which contributes to our imagination and need to write. Djuna Shellam is but another opportunity to create a fairytale of sorts; but, more than anything, it's the perfect excuse to have fun.]