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Susan Price

I was firmly convinced that I decided to become an author at the age of seven, after reading Kipling's Jungle Books - until I was talking to my aunt recently. She told me that she remembered me marching up to her and my grandmother, putting my hands on my hips and announcing,'When I grow up I'm going to be a writer!'
"You were four,"she said.
Whether four or seven when I made the decision, I never wavered thereafter. I have always been single-minded - 'as a drop-hammer,' my father said. But bloody-minded single-mindedness is an essential quality in a writer. Without it, you probably wouldn't even finish a first draft.
It was my father who signed my first publishing contract, because I was 16, and under-age. I'd have been fairly happy if that had been my one and only book - I'd achieved that ambition at least. But luck was with me, and I've gone on to publish something like 60 books, for different ages and in different genres; and am now self-publishing on Kindle - something that wasn't even envisaged in science-fiction when my first book came out. Life remains interesting!

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