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Louise Lennox

Hello! I'm Louise Lennox and I'm glad you are here!

I am a writer, true rabble rouser, hopeful romantic, wife, and mother of the cutest two dragons ever to walk the earth. I write to provide Black women with a diverse presence on romance novel pages. I am a voracious reader of contemporary romance. Often, I bemoan the lack of opportunities to see women like myself, friends, Spelman sisters, aunties and cousins on the page. I’m here to fix that!

I write what I like to call #happyblackromance. I highlight joys of our relationships. We should admire them for their strength and downright sexiness. It’s time to share some of our magic! My female characters are highly educated influencers, always seeking to change the world around them. My male characters are alphas committed to the responsibility of leading their homes and communities. 

In my novels sparks will fly; the sex will amaze; and the characters will always leave the world better than they found it through their love.