Broken Cistern: Defeating the Spirit of Narcissism

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About the author

Lila Rosewood

Introducing Lila Rosewood, a multifaceted soul with a passion for storytelling and a heart for impacting lives. As a devoted mother of two and a dedicated secondary school teacher, Lila Rosewood embodies the essence of nurturing and education both in her personal and professional life.

Fuelled by boundless creativity, Lila Rosewood finds solace and joy in various artistic pursuits, from crafting captivating graphics to pouring her heart onto canvas, and weaving intricate narratives through the art of writing. Her imagination knows no bounds, with a treasury of a thousand stories waiting to be unveiled to the world.

But beyond mere entertainment, Lila Rosewood harbors a deeper purpose for her storytelling. With a desire to edify and inspire, she seeks to impart valuable lessons that resonate with the human spirit and spark positive change. Rooted in her Christian faith, Lila Rosewood endeavors to uplift God's name in all she does, infusing her tales with faith-driven messages that speak to the soul.

Through her writings, Lila Rosewood aspires to touch hearts, illuminate minds, and leave an indelible mark on those who journey through the realms of her imagination. Join her as she embarks on a mission to weave stories that transcend entertainment, offering glimpses of hope, wisdom, and divine grace.